Targa Cannibale 2017

Targa Cannibale 2017

Mooi Videoverslag van de Targa Cannibale 2017. Dit jaar wordt deze rit ook weer georganiseerd op 1 september 2018 : Targa Cannibale 2018

Hieronder de tekst van de website van de organisator :

For the third time – the Onassis Porsches Tunnel Run event is back in 2017. The Tunnel Run event is known as a meeting of cool dudes in a relaxed atmosphere. You will be able to meet like minded guys all with the same mindset. We can’t compare with a well known classic Porsche meeting and we don’t want to be compared with something like that either. Originally founded as a straight Porsche event we are actually open to any other manufacturer as long as its period correct crazy. We like people and cars that simply don’t look “right” on a classical meeting… We love driving these things and so the Tunnel Run event is dedicated to driving as well. We will drive ours asses off !


For previous events we have been lucky enough to have Jean Khalife aka John Kaisernight (2015 – Tunnel Run 1) and Antoine Gaslais (2016 – rush rush), two exeptional contemporary artists, by our side. Both designed awesome pieces for the event prints, true collectors pieces! For this years event we are proud to announce that Mark Morgan aka Triple Espresso has worked his magic for the Targa Cannibale artwork. Mark will be with us on the event and everyone will have the opportunity to get one of the prints direct from the artist!


For those repeating offenders who have joined previous Tunnel Runs, we can say that this years Run will be bigger and better than ever. To help those participants who will be travelling significant distances to join us, we have changed from a friday evening to a saturday. This change combines a few benefits, so all participants can have a relaxed journey to and from the event. The day starts at noon and will have an open end. More driving, more talks, more nice.

As usual, we will have a base camp location for the day. Here we will be able to get refreshments for the run and a few surprises too.

We will offer a well prepared road book a few days before the event to all participants. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a look and “learn” the route. Driving will be, as usual, as you like it! Small groups, bigger groups or as a pack – whatever is the right thing for yourself. Once everyone is familiar with the route we will launch the rocket and have a guided trip with all participants at the same time.

Based on the fact that we simply are not able to offer participants space for everyone, we will have a fixed number of possible participants (cars) for this years event. The number of people that we can handle is based on the potential seating space your car has to offer. For participating you will have to buy a ticket, something thats needed to cover our expenses for the location and catering. Because those who buy cheap pay twice, we are interested in offering only the good stuff to you – some things have their price.